Fine Art Photography

Designer and fine artist Ingeborg Steenhorst has a passion to create atmospheric visuals. She consciously rejects the traditional academic art in favour of experimentation that allows her to carve her own creative path between art and fashion design. She transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary creating a mix of fashion/costume design, fine art , graphic artwork and performance art. The results are collections, products, exhibitions and fashion shows that create their own storytelling world full of both nature and theatrical elements.

Her gear consists of a Panasonic Limux and LG5 mobile camera which she uses to catch unexpected magical views, serene moments, bright colours and intriguing structures. To seek inspiration for and to literally create art, Ingeborg travels the world, inhales a wide range of music genres and art forms and also spends numerous hours in nature. Her art reflects how she sees and inhales the world around her and with it she strives to inspire, move, comfort and help others with it.


All images and photography © Ingeborg Steenhorst. All rights reserved, publication or reproduction, even in part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the artist.

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