ATELIER SESSIONS 4 - April 15 2018

  • ATELIER SESSIONS 4 - April 15 2018
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Theme: Modern Medieval

An intimate meeting between Music, Art and Fashion Design

Sunday April 15th

14:00 - 17:00

Ticket € 10
drinks & snacks included
Kids 6-10 years free entrance

** Limited seats, only 40 tickets available

In this 4th Atelier Session we dive into Modern Medieval atmospheres. Music guests ACTIAS LUNA are a young Dutch band playing symphonic heavy metal in an folk setting using acoustic guitars, piano and medieval instruments. Art & Design guest Colien Cogenbach creates storytelling jewelry with her label 'Twice Handmade'. And last but not least....designer and host Ingeborg will present a mini fashion show showcasing pieces from her new design project 'Fantastic Plastic'.


14:00     Exhibition opening

14:10     TED-Style talk by Colien Cogenbach

14:30     Actias Luna concert part I

15:00     PAUSE

15:15    'Fantastic Plastic' fashion show by Ingeborg Steenhorst

15:30     Actias Luna concert part II

16:15    Time to enjoy the art exhibition and have a closer look on the fashion show creations
17:00    Closure

For the gastronomic part of the Atelier Sessions we treat you on fine coffee and tea, soda drinks, 
tasty wines, Belgian beers and delicious finger food snacks.

There will also be plenty of time to chat with the artists and musicians, view the art exhibition and perhaps shop for a nice one-of-a-kind handmade fashion, jewelry or art piece.

The ticket fee includes:

- Acoustic concert by Actias Luna
- Art & Fashion Design exhibition
- TED-Style talk by Colien Cogenbach
- Fashion show by
Ingeborg Steenhorst
- 3 Drinks and finger food snacks

* Limited seats, only 40 tickets available


Atelier Ingeborg Steenhorst

BIM Centrum Helftheuvelweg 11

5222 AV 's Hertogenbosch

The Netherlands

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