Back To Roots Collection - Women

'BACK TO ROOTS' fashion & art collection encourages you to think about the importance of protecting trees on Earth. The message that humanity is doomed as the primary forests that purify the air disappear is artfully but very directly woven in the collection. We take for granted the most precious components of our biosphere, which are fundamental to life. Taking care of trees is taking care of our children, our children’s future and ourselves. A tree converts our foul air, our carbon dioxide (CO2), into oxygen for ‘carbohydrates’, sugar-like substances, which are the basic building blocks of the wood of the tree itself and us to breathe. The chemical equation goes something like this:

Every single couture garment in the collection is unique and one-of-a-kind, designed and created using both traditional tailoring and sustainable techniques like upcycling. The collection also features ready-to-wear art T-shirts presenting screen printed artworks by graphic artist and fashion designer Ingeborg Steenhorst. The shirts are made of 100% eco-friendly organic cotton and 100% natural Lyocell TENCEL® fibers.

Silver & Black Hand painted jeans Deforestation ART-Print T-Shirt
Deforestation ART-Print T-Shirt Branches ART-Print T-Shirt

Branches Blazer *SOLD*

Skull & Branches Skinny Jeans

Branches Blazer * SOLD*

Blackened Vest

Branches ART-Print Top

Silver & Black Mini Skirt Branches Dip Dye Tunic
Thorns Jumpsuit Butterfly Corset Dress

Skull ART-Print Top

Skulls Pencil Skirt

Triangle Faux leather dress
Onyx 2Tone Blazer
Foxy Bustier & Skirt
Onyx 2Tone Blazer Foxy Bustier & Skirt
Roses & Thorns Jacket  Roses & Thorns Jacket Red leather dress *SOLD* *SOLD*
Vamp Faux Leather & Lace Dress Flowers & Thorns Dress

Flower Motive Handpainted

2piece Dress

Roses & Thorns Dress Spiked Mini Gown Spiked Gown

Leather & denim Gown *SOLD*


Branches Art Jeans * SOLD*
Ytsejam 2Piece outfit
Branches Long Vest *Sold*  Branches Long Vest *Sold*
Lilith Gown
Leafs Corset Gown


Feel free to contact us for details and quotation if a design has your interest.

Photography: Tim Tronckoe

Fashion Design & Styling: Ingeborg Steenhorst

Make up: Elke Wouters for EMA Visagie

Hairstyling: Angelique Bergman

Models: Sharon Boucquez, Ilvy van den Heuvel, Micky Huijsmans