'Deforestation' - ART Print Bag

  • 'Deforestation'  - ART Print Bag
  • 'Deforestation'  - ART Print Bag
  • 'Deforestation'  - ART Print Bag
  • 'Deforestation'  - ART Print Bag
  • 'Deforestation'  - ART Print Bag
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'Deforestation = Human Extinction'

ART Print Bag
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Cool fabric
shoulder bag with 'Deforestation = Human Extinction' ART-Print by designer and graphic artist Ingeborg Steenhorst. This bag is a great fun accessory for yourself, but also a nice gift for friends!

Behind the front panel is a large main compartment, a smaller storage compartment and a front pocket, all with zippers to keep this personal bag handy! There is enough space in the bag for your lunch, a bottle of drink, keys, wallet and agenda.

Our bags are custom-made to prevent unnecessary stock. This custom-made principle also means that you can choose your preferred colour for the ART print making the item produced for you personally suiting your wishes. Please note that the bag will be custom made for you and because of that request some longer production and delivery time.

From this ART print item we donate 5% to nature and wildlife protection. This way we together with you our customer, contribute to environmental protection and stimulate the development of 'Slow Fashion'.

Available bag colours:
Black, red and beige
The ART Print can be ordered in print colour of choice with black background.

Bag size:
Size outside: 25 x 29 x 6 cm
Size inside: 23 x 22 cm

The bag has an easy adjustable hinge and comes with a removable Velcro attached front panel. The Velcro fitted front panel makes this a real eco-friendly bag because you only need one base and can easily switch between our different (made-to-order) ART Print front panel cool is that! 

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