The Designer

Started in 2006, Dutch/Flemish couturier and artist INGEBORG STEENHORST has become well known for her glamorous hat designs for 'Prinsjesdag' and her eye catching stage outfits for international touring artists and rock acts. Her passion for fashion and art combined to music and theatre, got her where she is today.

Ingeborg Steenhorst (
1973) is born and raised in the Flemish Brussels Capital Region in Belgium yet comes from a Dutch origin. Moving back to the Netherlands
at the age of 10  early 80's, she keeps the typical Belgian gentleness, reserved nature and traditions like dressing up, love for fine food, craft beer and good social manors in her DNA. However her gentle Belgium personality gets broadened with the typical Dutch straight-forward and honest attitude. Living in the Dutch southern region North Brabant, she falls in love with the theatrical side of Carnival and the lively alternative punk rock scene of her new home town 's-Hertogenbosch.

DIY versus LOVE for Nature
Inspired in the 80´s by the Punk attitude of anything is possible as long as you set your heart to it, Ingeborg develops strong DIY attitude. With her couture label she creates artistic timeless collections with an eye for detail and strong sense of colour use. Her work is often balancing on the border between couture and costume design resulting in eye catching outfits, dramatic hats and glamorous accessories and jewellery. She loves to work with exciting combinations of bold and fine luxurious fabrics and  to embellish her designs with screen-prints, hand paintings and embroidered details. Caring deeply for nature, human and animal welfare is another part of her personality. She supports the slow fashion movement to force back the impact of textiles and clothing industry on environment and deliberately mixes recycling and up-cycling techniques together with traditional tailoring. With her collections and shows she does not only wants to create and entertain, but also wants to bring a deeper message by involving environmental and social issues.

Fashion versus Music
Besides a 'try-out' year of fashion education, Ingeborg is a merely self-thought couturier designer. She proceeds with a graphic design education and in 1998 she graduates as graphic designer. Due to several circumstances she proceeds with a nursing study in combination with a part time function as artist manager for Dutch prog rock band Cirrha Niva. Her background in graphic design comes in handy and she quickly develops a quite successful presentation and career for the band. After some time her management skills get noticed by Dutch alternative cult rock band the Gathering and in 2002 she is asked to run the Gathering's management and their indie record label Psychonaut Records. Because of her strong DIY attitude and passion for music and bands, the local department of the International Music Management Federation (IMMF-NL) invites her to join the organisation as board member. After re-discovering her passion for art and design through Cirrha Niva's rock opera 'Liaison de la Morte' for which she designs and creates all costumes and stage decors, she starts to develop her skills as couture hat designer/milliner skills on a more serious base. Early 2006 she decides to end her music management career in order to focus on a career as independent fashion designer/artist and launches her atelier. It doesn't take long before Dutch rock band After Forever reaches out to Ingeborg for exclusive custom stage outfit design and ward robe styling for the band's international and final album tour 'After Forever'. Since then Ingeborg's portfolio for artist clients has grown impressive including the Crème de la crème.

Photo: Tim Tronckoe