Heavy Duty - Jeans Chain

  • Heavy Duty - Jeans Chain
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'Heavy Duty'
Jeans Chain
Collection: Back To Roots

Heavy steel single chain with robust clip for secure connection to jeans/trousers, strong key/wallet rings

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The Ingeborg Steenhorst ‘Back To Roots’ fashion & art collection encourages you to think about the importance of protecting trees on Earth. The message that humanity is doomed as the primary forests that purify the air disappear is artfully but very directly woven in the collection. We take for granted the most precious components of our biosphere, which are fundamental to life. Taking care of trees is taking care of our children, our children’s future and ourselves. A tree converts our foul air, our carbon dioxide (CO2), into oxygen for ‘carbohydrates’, sugar-like substances, which are the basic building blocks of the wood of the tree itself and us to breathe.

And last but not least...we involve YOU in our quest to protect nature and wild life by donating 5% from your purchase to Greenpeace

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