Ingeborg Steenhorst is a versatile artist who consciously rejects the traditional academic art in favor of experimentation that allows her to carve her own creative path between art and fashion design. Through her practice she seduces the audience  in a world of unending movement of 'landscapes', textures and colors. "I want to have drama in my art, not in my life" she says; and true to her word, the work she creates is a rush of drama that penetrates the order of everyday life.

Her work balances between art and design, and it would be a mistake to identify it as either of the two. Binary points of view do not apply here. Having an educated background in graphic design, Ingeborg uses photography as a tool combined with photo editing, drawing and painting to create art which reflects her emotions and inner state of mind.  She uses the camera to capture inspiring 'real life' atmospheres, colours and textures in order to create photographic ART prints. Besides fine art gallery prints she also integrates her artwork as silk screen prints in her couture pieces and custom made ART Print fashion collection.

Ingeborg Steenhorst takes on custom commissions to create photographic artwork design commission for CD or Vinyl covers/booklets, T-shirt prints and video projections. For questions or custom artwork inquiries, please contact us.

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