ART Print Fashion Collection

For our ART-Print T-shirt collection we make use of the Eco-friendly EarthPositive® garment brand from Continental Clothing Co. These garments made from 100% natural fibers like Organic Cotton, Bamboo and Lyocell TENCEL® have a flattering drape, are soft, luxurious, breathable, are naturally wrinkle-resistant and environmentally sustainable.

All our ART Print T-shirt, bags and homeware products are custom-made to prevent unnecessary stock.
This custom-made principle also means you can:

- choose your preferred T-shirt colour and silk screen ART print colour
- choose your preferred bag colour

Please note that custom made items request some longer production and delivery time.

From every sold ART print item we donate 5% to nature and wildlife protection.

This way we contribute to environmental protection and stimulate the development of 'Slow Fashion'.