Victoria - 3-Piece Set

  • Victoria - 3-Piece Set
  • Victoria - 3-Piece Set
  • Victoria - 3-Piece Set
  • Victoria - 3-Piece Set
  • Victoria - 3-Piece Set
  • Victoria - 3-Piece Set
  • Victoria - 3-Piece Set
  • Victoria - 3-Piece Set
  • Victoria - 3-Piece Set
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3-Piece Set 

Collection: Adrenaline

Modern twist Victorian 3-piece set consisting of a high neck cape capelet, arm sleeve and earrings (dress not included!). The cape capelet is created  from a vintage 1960 wedding dress bodice and hand embroidered with French lace, pleated satin ribbon, hand embellished with glass beads and round metal studs, black cased rhinestones and black tassels.
The black silk center sash is hand embroidered with an antique 1910 glass beads application. The under arm sleeve (only one!) from tafetta stretch satin is hand embroidered with lace and sequins and embellished with silver chains, glass beads and Sterling silver charms. The earrings are created of lace ornaments embellished with metal studs and black hot fix rhinestones on 925 Sterling Silver Earring Hooks.

The cape capelet has been worn by Lacuna Coil's singer Cristina Scabbia on the 'Broken Crown Hallo' album press pictures. The accessory set comes with authenticity certificate and print of the Orkus Magazine cover featuring Cristina Scabbia. The cape capelet and sleeve are also featured in Dark Beauty Magazine #27

Upcycled Couture, only 1 'Victoria' available
One size fits all

In mint condition

Materials collar:
Vintage 1960 wedding dress bodice, original 1910 Edwardian hand beaded ornament with faceted jet-black glass beads, raw natural silk, vintage French lace, satin ribbon, tassels, glass beads, black cased rhinestones, round metal studs

Materials sleeve:
Satin, lace, glass beads, sequins and 925 Sterling silver charms

Materials earrings:
925 Sterling silver hooks, white lace, black cotton, metal studs, black tassels

Complete the look with the faux leather 'Empire Dress':


'Adrenaline' is the first official clothing collection by graphic artist and fashion designer Ingeborg Steenhorst. The collection is created with traditional tailoring and sustainable design techniques like fabric and garment up-cycling and is named after the adrenaline rush that comes with traveling to new and far away places around the world. In 2012 Ingeborg went on a road trip to New York City, Shenandoah NP, Gettysburg National Military Park and Washington DC. During this road trip she took many pictures of flora & fauna, architecture and monumental views not only to capture these 'moments in time' but also to turn them into photographic art prints. The 'Adrenaline' collection consists of both exclusive one of a kind couture pieces and ready-to-wear items featuring Ingeborg's screen-printed artworks.
And last but not least...we involve YOU in our quest to protect nature and wild life by donating a 5% percentage from your purchase at our webshop in random order to GreenpeaceWWFnl and the Stand For Trees foundation.

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