Atelier Sessions

Designer and company founder Ingeborg Steenhorst once questioned herself; "How cool is it to create and facilitate inspirational sessions between music, art and design?
These worlds are interrelated, if not straight up co-dependent".

As couture and art atelier we have worked with musicians and artists on many different projects over the years, be it art related or of commercial nature. We've learned a lot through these collaborations and definitely had a lot of fun. In addition we also created some truly amazing designs because of it! However, we haven't really exhausted our curiosity about the world of music, art and design and the interplay of these disciplines; quite the opposite, actually. To satiate that hunger, we decided to launch 'themed' salon style 'ATELIER SESSIONS'.

Every two months, we invite friends from the music, art and design world to team up with us on a Sunday afternoon for an inspirational ATELIER SESSION. Each session hosts an unique and inspiring themed live collaboration between sound and vision witnessed by a limited audience (max. 45 visitors can attend). Together we create an on going journey in which audience and artists are brought together in a cosy intimate atmosphere to enjoy and inspire each other.



Atelier Sessions 4 -
April 15, 2018

Atelier Sessions 3 - Feb. 18th, 2018
Theme: Film and Music
Guests: Niels Duffhues/Fable Dust,  Michel de Klein/
MDK design/Dutch Outcast


Atelier Sessions 2 - Dec. 17th 2017
Theme: Green Xmas

Guests: Anneke van Giersbergen, Precious Metal and Nooni Design

Inspiring TED talk by Fiona from Nooni Design and Dianne form Precious Metal Jewelry and a magical atmosphere during the performance of our music guest Anneke van Giersbergen at the 2nd edition Atelier Sessions. One could really here a pin drop!

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EDITION 1 - Oct. 31st 2017

Theme: Halloween in Tim Burton Style

Guests: Scarlet Stories and Face & Body art by Eva
Gloomy and dark atmospheres during the magical performance of our music and art guests Scarlet Stories and Face & Body Art By Eva.


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