Atelier Sessions

"How cool is it to create and facilitate inspirational sessions between music, art and fashion design?"
These worlds are interrelated, if not straight up co-dependent. As couture and art atelier we have worked with musician and artists friends on many different projects over the years, be it art related or of commercial nature. We've learned a lot through these collaborations and definitely had a lot of fun. In addition we also created some truly amazing designs because of it! However, we haven't really exhausted our curiosity about the world of music, art and design and the interplay of these disciplines; quite the opposite, actually.

To satiate our hunger, we decided to launch salon style 'ATELIER SESSIONS'.
Several times a year we invite friends from the music and art world into our atelier to team up with us for ATELIER SESSIONS. Each session will host an unique and inspiring live collaboration between sound and vision witnessed by a limited and intimate audience. It will be an on going journey in which beautiful talented people are brought together in a cosy intimate atmosphere to inspire each other and to see where it takes us. 


Sunday Dec. 17th, 2017