Back to Roots Collection

'BACK TO ROOTS' collection by designer and artist Ingeborg Steenhorst encourages you to think about the importance of protecting the environment and primary forests. Taking care of trees is taking care of our children, our children’s future and ourselves. Trees convert foul air filled with carbon dioxide (CO2) into oxygen. The message that humanity is doomed when primary forests disappear is artfully but very directly woven into the collection.

The collection features both couture and ready-to-wear garments. Each couture garment by Ingeborg Steenhorst is a one-of-a-kind design made using traditional tailoring, transformational elements, hand painting effects and sustainable techniques like recycling and upcycling. The ready-to-wear garments feature ART print T-shirts with 'Back to Roots' art works. These T-shirts are made of 100% eco-friendly organic cotton and 100% natural Lyocell TENCEL® fibers.

Contact us for details and quotation if a design has your interest.

Photography: Tim Tronckoe | assistent: Nick Tronckoe
Fashion Design, hats & Styling: Ingeborg Steenhorst

Jewelry: Precious Metal

Make up design: Eva Brunklaus

Hairstyling: Angelique Bergman

Models: Hella van Maenen, Jeanette Zandvliet, Tjeu Theunissen,

Danielle van der Veeken, Elke Wouters, Laura Guldemond, , 

Kim VDooren, Cindy Koopmans