Bridal & Occasion

(Dutch Version)

Designer Ingeborg Steenhorst has a passion for extraordinary bridal
outfit and accessory design that stand out and
radiate personality. From sketch to creation; each and every one of her couture designs is handmade at the atelier and always one-of-a-kind. Besides traditional white and off white, Ingeborg especially loves to work with color and themes in her bridal designs. It's her mission to design & create with love and devotion for both you and Planet Earth. Therefore she incorporates sustainable recycling and up-cycling design techniques in to traditional tailoring.

Next to an autonomous bridal couture collection, Atelier Ingeborg Steenhorst also offers custom bridal design.
Our custom service includes:

-  Custom wedding dress design or alternative bridal outfit design in any colour
-  Accessory design;
   veils, fascinator hats, headdresses, tiara's, (flower)headbands, hair jewelry and hair corsages, belts, collars, capellete's (short cape) and long capes
-  Bridal jewelry design;
   neck chokers, arm cuffs and bracelets
-  Wedding bouquet design
-  Flower wrist corsage design
-  Groom and/or guests corsage design (a.k.a boutonnières)

View the 2018 lookbook for currently available couture designs.


We thank all wedded couples for letting us share impressions of their personal designs and wedding pictures.
Photography by: Tim Tronckoe Photography | Jos Klijn | Albert Jolen | Manola van Leeuwen | Andreas Noack | Anouschka Rokebrand | Ingeborg & Tom Steenhorst | Adriana Liebregts | Joris Buckinx | Rachel Rijsdijk | Sander Steins | Cristel Brouwer | Brendy Wijdeven | Josje Klouwens | Ron Stam