Couture Collection
(Lookbook picture's: Tim Tronckoe)


"Craft, durability, refinement and authenticity are values ​​that are clearly reflected in my fashion creations. All pieces are handmade in my own studio and are one of a kind."


Sustainable upcycled outfit designs

Where I used to design and manufacture outfits completely 'from scratch', nowadays I prefer to create so-called 'upcycled' designs. From an environmentally conscious point of view, but also because of a certain added value that it gives the pieces. Upcycling design is a form of recycling in which an existing high-quality (often vintage) garment (or part of it) acquires a completely unique and authentic look by releasing adjustments and editing on it. Not only do I contribute to the reduction of textile surplus and environmental pollution, it is also just great to reuse rare, beautifully weathered material.



Fashion accessories and textile jewellery

In addition to outfits, I also enjoy creating unique fashion accessories and textile jewellery. Festive, glamorous, romantic, bohemian, cool or just imaginative and theatrical. It's all possible and allowed by me. Life is too short to be boring. As a visual artist I am not a hat modiste. You won't find a mold hat with me. However, are you looking for wearable works of art in the form of an extravagant or stylish headdress, a carefully designed diadem or a striking corsage? Then you've come to the right place!



My collection consists of:

  • Elegant, imaginative or cool couture outfits with hand-painted details, artistic screen prints, embroidery and decorations
  • Hats (fascinator), theatrical headdresses, ornate hair corsages and diadems
  • Accessories for neck, shoulder, wrist, arm and leg
  • Theatrical costumes and masks
  • Jewellery: statement jewelery based on textiles, beads, feathers, shells and recycled material
  • Corsages for weddings and other festive occasions


Would like to wear my designs?

My fashion creations are currently exclusively available through my artist shop.


Would you like a custom made design?

Read more about my custom made design service here.






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