'The Butterfly Queen'


The Butterfly #1


In dancing light, a butterfly appears,
A metaphor for life disappearing.
A symbol of hope, a sign of strength,
Spiritual rebirth, in splendour.

Her wings softly carry change,
A transformation, an inner strength.
From cocoon to freedom, she shines in the sky,
A reminder that life flees.
A being of ephemeral time, but its meaning touches infinity.

Learn from the butterfly, dancing so free,
Embrace change, the source of magic.
In her fragile splendor, a message appears,
Spiritual rebirth, the soul that rediscovers.
Live every moment, like the butterfly in the wind,
For life is short,
but her transformation lasts forever...


The Butterfly #2


The Butterfly #3


The Butterfly #4


The Butterfly #5


The Butterfly #6


The Butterfly #7


The Butterfly #8


Model: Cindy Koopmans
Bodypaints, decorative elements, costume design, background painting, photography, editing and text
© Ingeborg Steenhorst 2021.


Inspired by my photographic art? I also make fantasy portraits (series) on commission.
Let me know what you have in mind and I will contact you.

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