My Story

Making art and design is not just an expression of my creative mind for me. It is also a way of expressing myself emotionally. It completes the circle for me when I can also mean something to others. In terms of form, I prefer to work as versatile as possible. My theme is clearly a great love: connecting people and nature.


Ever since I was young I was always drawing, painting and making 'things' from textiles, beads and all kinds of (natural) materials. That is how I started training in fashion design and graphic design. However, due to a tight labor market in these sectors, my career took a turn towards a completely different field: healthcare. Very understandable because caring and being kind to others is also deeply rooted in me. In addition to my profession as a visual artist and photographer, I also work part-time as a caregiver in home health care. But in the end my heart goes towards making art.

"Being a versatile artist, using one technique or discipline is too
one-sided for me, so I like to combine and mix different disciplines and techniques."


Development - graphic, costume, makeup, photography

In the late nineties I started as a freelance graphic designer creating logos, artwork and backdrops for local bands. Gradually, from 2006, graphic design made way for costume design: the design and manufacture of outfits, hats, jewelery and accessories for a variety of individuals and occasions. From hat design for prominent politicians and the complete styling of musicians to the design of eye-catching outfits, theatrical costumes and accessories for artists and stage productions.

"The camera as 'tool' is just as important to me as
pencil, pen, paint, brushes, make up,  fabrics, thread and needle."


Because I also like to capture beautiful and special things that I see, I also developed myself more and more in the field of photography. In 2021 I completed basic training at the photo vocational school in Eindhoven. Now, in addition to landscape and nature photography (something I've been doing for quite some time), I also create surrealistic artistic portraits in which my costume designs play a prominent role. I also like to experiment with body painting and make hand-painted and decorated tapestries that function as atmospheric backgrounds for the portraits. In themselves they are unique textile works of art. March 2023 I started with a new education 'Photograhic Design' to develop myself in the field of photographic design.


Spare time?

You wouldn't think so, but I also have free time ;-) I like to wander through museums and visit castles, concerts and festivals. I also like to lose myself in a book, movie or a good piece of music. I like horseback riding, animals and long walks in, of course: nature!



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