Horns Up - Headdress

  • Horns Up  - Headdress
  • Horns Up  - Headdress
  • Horns Up  - Headdress
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'Horns Up'

Dramatic Headdress

Collection: Hat Couture

Dramatic horned couture headdress made from black 3D structured faux leather. The headdress is secured on the head through a stiff elastic strap.

Couture, only 1 'Paeonia' headpiece available
One size fits all, light weight, gender neutral 


Black 3D structured faux leather, felt base, horns have inner body made of light weight plasterbandage and wool filling, elastic strap.

Designer Ingeborg Steenhorst has a passion for eye catching dramatic design with rich detail and strong colour palette. Her designs are the perfect accessory for derby days, cocktail party, gala, theatre and formal occasions. Although creating a hat is an artistic process, it is Ingeborg her opinion as artist and designer that a hat must adorn a woman in a elegant dressy way while the design has to suit and express the woman's unique personality. Every piece she creates comes straight from her creative mind and is a handcrafted piece of millinery art (the art of Hat making) made with love and devotion. Because of her extensive skill for creating outstanding glamorous designs, Ingeborg has the privilege to headdress many political clients for Prinsjesdag, celebrity on the red carpet and artists in state of the art show productions. The Ingeborg Steenhorst hat couture collection features different designer signature styles of cocktail hats, fascinators, theatrical headresses, corsages and headbands including ‘bridal’ designs.

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