Exclusive Sale 2018

To make space for creation of new work, Atelier Ingeborg Steenhorst organizes an EXCLUSIVE SUMMER SALE! For a limited 2 week period ending August 31st, you can purchase various one-of-a-kind couture outfits and accessories with temporary discounts from 10% up to 70%!


Fashion Show Photo Reportage

On July 22nd Atelier Ingeborg Steenhorst presented a garden fashion show at Art & Design Gallery Albert van Abbehuis in Eindhoven (nl). It was a lovely day with perfect weather conditions!

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Stadsblad Newspaper


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Floor Jansen on national Dutch TV programme 'M' NPO 1


Our client Floor Jansen breaking a leg for the power of the Dutch metal scene on national
Dutch TV. As design team we're proud to be a little part of this success through Floor's stage outfits

Anneke van Giersbergen


Floor Jansen rules Fortarock


Coming up! Atelier Session #5

On Sunday July 1st. between 14pm and 17pm we host the 5th edition of Atelier Sessions.
The entrance is free but due to limited space, you have to reserve your seat(s)/place if you don't want to miss out on this unique event.

The programme:


Lovely Belgian Lovelorn Dolls will join us at the atelier for an intimate acoustic living-room concert during the 5th Atelier Session on 01/07/2018. Their new album 'Darker Ages' is a real recommendation if you are in to bands like the Cure, the Gathering, Lacuna Coil and Garbage among others. Check out their new album:…/darker-ages-bonus-tracks-…


The Lovelorn Dolls's vocalist is not only a gifted musician, she's also an illusterator and graphic designer. Under the artist name 'KRISTELL IN WONDERLAND' she revisits fairytales and fantastic creatures. She offers photographic and digital compositions, mixing vintage, kitsch, religious iconography, modern symbols and fantastic. "Fairytales and fantastic have always fascinated and touched me, and I like to express it by poetic, melancholic and gothic atmospheres, whether in music or any other form of art. " Kristell is obsessed with the representation of little girls and their innocence. Object of predilection, they symbolize the inner child of the artist, a child loved, wounded, skinned, fearful, who asks only to flourish.


Belgian big eyes Blythe doll artist Kitty van de Waart will exhibit her lovely custom doll collection and is going to tell us all about her work and inspirations.


Interview in Weekly Newspaper Bossche Omroep

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Atelier Sessions #2 with music guest Anneke van Giersbergen

ATELIER SESSION #2 with Anneke van Giersbergen

Atelier Session #1 with Scarlet Stories

On Oct 31st 2017 we held Atelier Session #1. In this short after movie you can (re)enjoy the gloomy and dark Halloween-style performance by Dutch prog band Scarlet Stories and make up art by Face & Body Art By Eva.

Redesign the Future


Dutch Design Exhibition with works of Ingeborg Steenhorst & others

October 21 - November 11th
Albert van Abbehuis
Bilderdijklaan 19, Eindhoven

"Upcycling, also known as creative reuse, is the process of converting by-products, waste, useless or unwanted products into new materials or products of better quality or for a better environmental value" (Wikipedia).

Albert van Abbehuis proudly presents 'Redesign the Future', an exhibition celebrating Dutch design and innovation. This exhibition focuses on the exciting, creative reuse culture that contributes to the circular economy. The term refers to "an alternative for the traditional linear economy (create, use, alienate) in which we use materials for as long as possible, maintain the maximum value of them, then recover and regenerate into new products and materials at the end of each lifespan "(

With the resources of the world being depleted, creative reuse of various materials inspires a culture of reconsideration, imagination and reuse. As a cultural platform, we strive to function as a means to bring these frameworks to innovation close to the public. This exhibition shows designers and artists who do not shape the future but reform it by transforming it into the extraordinary. This exhibition aims to inspire visitors. Start where you are. Together we create abundance.

ATELIER SESSIONS with Scarlet Stories


Anneke van Giersbergen rocking the 'Flower Lace' ART Print T-shirt

Cool behind the scenes video from Anneke's new band VUUR showing the charismatic Dutch singer rocking the stage in our 'Flower Lace' ART print T-shirt.  

Atelier Ingeborg Steenhorst at work for

Anneke Van Giersbergen ambassadress for ART Print Fashion Collection

We are happy to welcome Dutch singer Anneke Van Giersbergen (Vuur/The Gentle Storm/AquadeAnique/Ex-the Gathering) as ambassadress for our Eco-friendly ART Print (M/F) Fashion Collection. Together with Anneke we will raise awareness for eco friendly slow fashion and environmental protection.

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Picture: Tim Tronckoe Photography

Exclusive custom outfit design for Anneke van Giersbergen (VUUR)

Recently we had the pleasure to create an exclusive stage outfit for singer Anneke Van Giersbergen from new born Dutch metal band VUUR. Here's a great picture of Anneke rocking her custom corset-integrated stage shirt.


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