Upcoming Auction:
February 26nd 2018 via eBay

We love to help you dress up to shine like a star and do good for nature all at the same time. That's why we monthly organize our 'PROTECT PLANET EARTH' Couture Auction.

How does it works?
Every month, we auction an exclusive one-of-a-kind garment or accessory design from the Ingeborg Steenhorst Couture Collection via our E-bay account. Everybody worldwide, can take part in the auction with equal change to win the designer outfit or accessory. From the winning bid we donate 25% to nature and wildlife protection. The winner can choose if we donate to nature and wildlife protection fund Greenpeace (nl), Natuurmonumenten (nl) or WWF-nl.

The Benefits
You can experience the joy of slow fashion by becoming the proud owner of an authentic Ingeborg Steenhorst couture garment or fashion accessory, sometimes even for less than the actual catalogue price. Each couture piece is hand made with love and devotion at our atelier in the Netherlands. Each piece is one-of-a-kind meaning it's the only one in the world helping you to stand out of the crowd. On top of this you also are directly supporting nature and wildlife protection.

Join us to enjoy and support slow fashion and let's create a better world together!

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Team Ingeborg Steenhorst