Custom Made Flower Flip Flops


Custom Made Flip Flop Designs

Enjoy the summer season with your own exclusive custom made 'Flower' flip flop designs by Atelier Ingeborg Steenhorst. These gorgeous flip flops are a great accessory to combine with your bikini/swimsuit, shorts or summer dress/outfit. 

Couture, Made to Order.
Each pair of slippers is one of a kind made to order based on your wishes for size, soles colour, flower type/colour. Please note that custom made items request some longer production and delivery time.

Note that our custom designed 'Flower' flip flops are not suitable for swimming or intensive hiking nor are they made to last forever. If you want to be able to go hiking with your slippers and/or you prefer more heavy inner lined soles you can request a customizing of Birckenstocks sandals. Please contact us for more details and quotation.

Materials: foam flip flops with synthetic rubber strap, silk flowers, acryl beads and decorative elements.