Masterclass - Feather Headdress

  • Masterclass - Feather Headdress
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Learn to design and create your own feather headdress design under complete guidance of designer Ingeborg Steenhorst.

From 9:30am until 5:00pm you are going to have an exciting day that starts with a technical introduction and demonstration by designer Ingeborg. After that you will create your own unique feather headdress, which is yours to keep.

The masterclass takes place in Ingeborg's atelier where she creates her eye catching theatre headdresses, 'Prinsjesdag' hats for leading politicians and iconic stage outfits and accessories for renowned international musicians and artists.

The masterclass includes a full day of technical coaching, headdress base materials, lunch (vegan/non-vegan) and drinks.

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Reviews (2)
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Deniece Laanen (10-04-2018) FullFullFullFullFull I have joined the first time that Ingeborg gave a masterclass on Headdresses.
It was very interesting to learn through steps how to make a headdress that you can enjoy for the rest of your life. I have learned that it is important to take good care of your base of your artwork and how you can apply a lot of different types of materials.
I have enjoyed every minute of it and have gained a lot of knowledge which I can use at home.

Wendy Steenmans (09-04-2018) FullFullFullFullFull Yesterday I made a beautiful headpiece at the atelier of Ingeborg Steenhorst. It was such an amazing experience. Never did this before. I felt a bit insecure about this but I think I did a great job on this one. Super proud of what I made yesterday!
I had a few ideas in my mind wich I thought they would never work but hey,.... they did! I still feel my fingers of the hard work of yesterday but it is totaly worth it. My piece is not finished yet, need some more attention the coming week. So time to start being creative again and work on this piece!
Big thank you and applause for Ingeborg for the workshop. Her advice and help were so great to help me through my creativity and chaos Wich comes with that :). So awesome how much patience she has to help you to get your ideas clear and workable. I totally can recommend to follow a workshop like this at the atelier! I am sure you will end up with an awesome piece like mine.