Dutch couture designer and artist INGEBORG STEENHORST, creates rockin couture outfits and accessories for fashionistas who have passion for exclusive and unique handmade designer clothing.

Her couture collection covers pieces for both MEN and WOMEN including cutting edge outfits, hats, fascinators, headpieces, fashion accessories and jewellery. Every piece created is one of a kind and Rocks big time!
INGEBORG STEENHORST is also a passionate creator of modern contemporary photo/graphic art which she artistic integrates in her fashion collection.

Since 2006 INGEBORG STEENHORST had the privilege to create custom stage outfits, accessories and ward robe stylings for international renowned rock artists as FLOOR JANSEN (Nightwish / ReVamp), SIMONE SIMONS & EPICA, CRISTINA SCABBIA & LACUNA COIL, INGA SCHARF (Van Canto), DIANNE VAN GIERSBERGEN (Xandria) and many many more.


Designer Ingeborg had a chat with High Heels & Heavy Metal 'zine about the story behind the new collection 'Freak Chique' and more...