Established in 2006, Atelier Ingeborg Steenhorst is a Dutch fashion and art design atelier located in 's-Hertogenbosch (NL), owned and run by fashion designer and artist Ingeborg Steenhorst. Crafted with artistry and distinction, her designs make a strong appearance. She transforms the ordinary into extraordinary creating a mix of fashion, costume design, painting, photography, graphic work and performance art. The results are collections, products, shows and performances that create their own world full of theatrical elements.

Atelier Ingeborg Steenhorst wants to inspire you to embrace a sustainable and personal fashion attitude. We support the slow fashion movement and only create one-of-a-kind creations, custom designs and limited collections. It's our mission to design & create with love for Planet Earth. Therefore we incorporate sustainable design techniques next to traditional tailoring. By utilizing materials already made, we try to give our share in reducing the industry's carbon footprint and lower environmental pollution.

Next to our couture and art collections, we create custom bridal couture and do costume and styling design for internationally acclaimed artists within the music, theatre & entertainment industry.

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Atelier & Showroom Adress
BIM Centrum  de Jamfabriek
Helftheuvelweg 11
5222 AV ‘s-Hertogenbosch
the Netherlands

Openings showroom:
Every Thursday from 10:00 till  16:30 
Other days/times on appointment