Welcome at Atelier Ingeborg Steenhorst, we create artistic fashion, art and styling design for those who like to express their personality and alternative lifestyle through their visual appearances. Our collection offers one-of-a-kind couture outfits, hats, headdresses, fashion accessories and textile jewelry while our ART collection offers you custom made fine art prints, wall decoration, bags, T-shirts and home wear products. We also create custom designs for wedding, red carpet and A-list artist stage performances.

It's our mission is to design & create with love for Planet Earth!
We care deeply for our planet Earth and incorporate sustainable design techniques like up cycling, multi-functional and transformational designs and traditional crafts preservation next to traditional tailoring. By utilizing materials already made we try to give our share in reducing the industry's carbon footprint and lower environmental pollution. Trough our designs we want to inspire the world to push back fast fashion, and to embrace a sustainable and more personal attitude. We support the slow fashion movement and only offer one-of-a-kind pieces and custom made to order designs.

Custom couture & styling design available on request.

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August 28th 2017

August 17th 2017

See Dutch singer Anneke van Giersbergen rocking our 'Flower Lace' ART Print T-shirt.

In this cool behind the scenes video from Anneke's new band VUUR, the charismatic Dutch singer is rocking the stage in our 'Flower Lace' ART print T-shirt design.

Augustus 10th 2017

Atelier Ingeborg Steenhorst at work for
Simone Heitinga and Axel V. Pyrostyx from made a cool video interview about their cooperation with our designer Ingeborg Steenhorst.

July 15th 2017

We are happy to welcome VUUR singer Anneke Van Giersbergen as ambassador for our new Eco-friendly ART Print (M/F) Fashion Collection by designer Ingeborg Steenhorst. Together with Anneke we like to raise awareness for custom made eco friendly slow fashion + support Greenpeace International with it. Read more

Picture by Tim Tronckoe photography