Visual artist INGEBORG STEENHORST (1973) creates a delicate mix of costume design, photography and contemporary (textile)art. She uses these disciplines side by side and in conjunction with each other. In her art she works with fashion/costume design, textile art, photography, drawing, painting, graphic design, collage and assemblage techniques. This results in art and design products, collections, projects, exhibitions and performances that create their own narrative world.

With the implementation of symbolism, she touches various themes in her work, such as environmental awareness, introspection and globalization.
  From an early age Ingeborg has a natural and inexhaustible urge to create, activate and connect. She is very committed to helping and caring for nature, people and animals and creates sustainably created timeless unique pieces in which reused 'thrash' materials occupy a fixed place.


Crafted with artistry and distinction, the wearable art by Ingeborg Steenhorst makes a
strong appearance.
Nature is an important source of inspiration for the artist.

er couture collection includes feminine and masculine outfits, accessories and textile jewelry designs.  Each and everyone of her designs is always elegant and delicate, handcrafted for days, weeks or even months and full of details, layers and 'hidden' stories.

As a versatile artist, Ingeborg Steenhorst uses her skills in photography, painting, drawing and graphic design to create atmospheric images that question, inspire, surprise and touch the viewer. She also involves her costume designs in her photography and involves her photo, graphic and painting art in her fashion designs through hand painting, silk screen printing and textile printing techniques. Read on

Her festive and narrative design style also lends itself perfectly for ceremonial occasions such as weddings or red carpet moments. Bridal couples who like to express their personality through their wedding outfit are in good hands at Ingeborg Steenhorst. Besides traditional white, she loves to work with colour and themes in ceremonial design. Each and every one of her designs is a one-off and always handmade at her atelier.

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In her atelier workshop in 's-Hertogenbosch (NL), Ingeborg is creating art and design with conscience; she incorporates sustainable upcycling techniques into traditional craft and tailoring.

In order to create her couture designs, Ingeborg uses a combination of high quality vintage fabrics, garments and jewelry with new (unexpected) materials, recycled 'thrash' materials and found 'treasuries' within nature or from the street.

Throughout the year Ingeborg organizes various craft  workshops and masterclasses at her atelier in 's-Hertogenbosch. Some of them even combined with a relaxing and inspiring nature walk. If you would like to stay informed about Ingborg's workshops and masterclass programme than;


Every two months, Ingeborg invites friends from the music, art and design world to team up with her for an inspiring sunday afternoon ATELIER SESSION.

Each session hosts an unique and intimate live collaboration between music, art and design witnessed by a limited audience. A maximum of 30 visitors can attend per session therefore reservation of seats is necessary.

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