Ingeborg Steenhorst (1973), is a Dutch visual artist and photographer. She creates unique autonomous art.

After many years of working as independent as a fashion/costume and hat designer, Ingeborg has since 2021 been specializing towards fine art photography and mixed media art. She has her degrees in photographic design. Nature experience and storytelling play a prominent role in her work. Her photography involves an extensive process of writing scripts, scouting models and nature locations, designing costumes and decorations to creating decor props. She creates her photo series in specially for the storyline  selected natural landscapes. During post production she works on her raw photos digitally on the computer and after having them printed also physically with mixed media. Ingeborg also uses image manipulation. She adds new photo layers with new image elements, colors and textures which give her photos a unique special depth. The end result are painterly fine art pictures in which wonder, admiration, fantasy and reality alternate against a background of natural landscape.


What could Ingeborg offer you:‚Äč

  • Fine art portrait, nature- and landscape photography

  • Storytelling photography
  • Photographic artworks

  • Textille art, fashion design & styling