The Fishermans Wife


'The Fishermans Wife' photo series shows a young Dutch woman, who on a windy morning, is standing on the shore of the Noordoostpolder. While looking out over the water of the 'Ijsselmeer', her eyes follow the horizon, searching for the familiar silhouette of  fishing boats. Her beloved, an accomplished fisherman, has spent his entire life on the North Sea, as had his father and grandfather before him. But times are changing... The continued expansion of windmills in the North Sea, territorial tensions and strict EU fishing quotas, have taken a heavy toll on all fishing fleets. Already many fisherman sold their ships and have chosen to adopt another profession. The fishermans wife knows that it is just a matter of time before her beloved fisherman might also has to make this difficult decision. As she is looking out over the waves, her mind drifts away... maybe he can join the tulip growers of the Noordoostpolder.


As tulips bloom at the beginning of spring they also have a meaning of rebirth. If you know someone who is going through some life changes, taking on new adventures and challenges or have welcomed a new addition to the family, a lovely bouquet of tulips makes a wonderful gift.

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Photography, fashion design, hair & make up: Ingeborg Steenhorst
Model: Cindy Koopmans

Photo series 'The Fishermans Wife'  © 2022