Saga der Meinweg


Nature Spirits

'Saga der Meinweg', presents an enchanting photo series in which visual artist, photographer and costume designer Ingeborg Steenhorst brings elves and nymphs to life against the landscape of the beautiful Dutch 'De Meinweg' national park. These normally shy creatures are now stepping out of the shadows to draw our attention to the fragile balance in nature...

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Photography, editing, costume design: Ingeborg Steenhorst 

Models: Rafke and Kim Hotterbeekx

Make up: Rafke Hotterbeekx

On set assistent: Diana Dijkers van Muilekom    

Costume assistents: Marouscha van der Steen, Fiona Brandenburg de Werd, Esmee Huijskens & Robin Lenting

About the project

De Meinweg national park is located in Central Limburg (NL), right next to the German border. It is a terraced landscape unique to the Netherlands with steep transitions and therefore certainly not flat. On the edge of the national park lays a large lake called 'Elfenmeer' (in English you say 'Elven Lake'). An enchantingly beautiful lake, created by peat extraction that is surrounded by fairytale forests and sweet-scented bushy Myrica gale (in Dutch; wilde Gagel). In spring the lake is dotted with blooming water lilies.  Here spirits of nature make themselves heard with soft croaking, chirping and whistling. The  Elfenmeer lake together with the fairytale-like forests, meadows and heathlands of De Meinweg make this national park a true place of wonder. A place to cherish and protect! 

The idea for the 'Saga der Meinweg' photo series arose in 2023 when Ingeborg, during a hike in the area, learned of the intense forest fires that have threatened De Meinweg during the year 2020. During these major fires, which lasted for four days, around 200 hectares of valuable forests and heathlands were severely damaged and partly lost. On her hike through the area, Ingeborg passed many blackened dead trees silent witnesses along her path.

In search of a photoproject to graduate on, Ingeborg questioned herself; could a photo series help to raise awareness that we need to treat the beautifull nature in the Netherlands more carefully? She
started to envision a saga about nature spirits appearing to warn us for the consequences of disbalance in nature's eco systems. Caused by both climate change and the dangers of negative human behaviourm ...and so the idea for 'Saga der Meinweg' was born. Ingeborg started to write the story and poems and with help of models Rafke and Kim Hotterbeekx she brought all elements to life in a the photoseries.                 


'Sage der Meinweg'  on view at De Ketjapfabriek, Vught, the Netherlands, from June 23rd till July 28th, 2024.
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In addition to the 'Sage der Meinweg' exhibition and a fine art prints collection, Ingeborg is currently looking into the possibilities of raising a budget via (crowd)funding to produce and release two book versions;

  • Childrens book telling the saga story and poems illustrated by the beautifull photo series accompanied by educational facts about De Meinweg National Park and its conservation.

  • Coffee table book showcasing the complete photo series as beautiful large fine art, the saga story with poems written by the artist, a fine selection of her most beautiful nature and landscape photos of the Meinweg national park, behind the scenes imagery and a costume design gallery.

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Photo series 'Sage der Meinweg'  © Ingeborg Steenhorst 2024