Inspiration and the incentives to start making something come from all sides. With my feet in the clay of a natural landscape, mystical portraits come to mind. Flowers on the roadside are jewelry and make my hands itch. Simply the fabric of a jacket in the corner of my eye can lead to an 'upcycled' designer dress. An image from a comic as in combination with a can of polyurethane foam becomes a costume for a rock opera through my hands. A certain light during an evening walk evokes a photographic concept in me.


Nature, surrealism and symbolism combined with aesthetics

In addition to ethnic and historical art and culture, I get a lot of inspiration from nature. Like nature, my work is multifaceted and contains a rich array of colours, atmospheres and details. My work often stems from a certain idea or feeling, immersed in surrealism and symbolism. Natural elements, the human spirit, intense colours, rich details and mystical atmospheres play an important role in my photographic works, mixed medium art, body paints and fashion designs. While conceptualizing, creating and editing, I forget time and place and travel to an inner world full of creativity and fantasy. I often strive for aesthetics so that my work radiates beauty, tranquility and refinement. However, sometimes I also feel the need to reflect on darker, darker sides of life and the human spirit. This then translates into my choice of specific conceptual themes, colors and use of materials.


“I think it is irresponsible to keep using new material when
there is already so much beautiful material to reuse”


Sustainable creation - hidden stories

Old and used must go? Vintage materials lend themselves perfectly to new creations! Give these even more character. With my work I want to make beautiful and authentic things, but also contribute to sustainability. I do this by reusing textiles and materials and by combining up- and recycling techniques with traditional handicrafts. The production of my creations and artworks can take days, weeks and sometimes even months. I prefer to work with vintage textiles and clothing and jewelery parts, with natural and recycled materials and found or donated 'treasures'. With that I make creations full of details, layers and 'hidden' stories.



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